03 May, 2015

I've Got Work To Do

Hello, pergh pergh pergh, Thira update blog la doh. Macam tak percaya je. Serius la nih? hahahaha
Ok stop all this nonsense. So segala jenis sarang dah duduk kat blog aku nih. Its okay, lets do some cleaning. hehe.  Semenjak masuk degree nih, great things happen in my life and now I'm in my third year which is part 5 at UiTM JASIN,MELAKA. Nak cerita pasal part 5 nih, makin belambak kerja yang perlu diselesaikan dalam masa yang singkat. Lets talk about FYP. This is the biggest project that I have to do for this year. This is extremely exhausting and give me such a headache. Tak campur lagi dengan subjek2 lain + kerja rumah .. hahah .  Senang cerita FYP ni boleh buat kau tak tidur malam, mata merah2, pening2, skip class, menangis, marah2 orang, dan yang sekutu dengannya.. Nampak tak berapa banyak effect yang dia bagi kat kita. So prepare lah awal2 citer dia, hantar on-time segala kerja2 tu and kalau kau nak menangis, serius kau menangis je lah, sebab lepas tu kau rasa lega gila2 and yang ni paling penting sebenarnya, banyakkan berdoa pada Allah S.W.T. untuk permudahkan segala urusan kita, okay .good!
Okay I'll stop here, nanti banyak melalut . hee , BYE.

02 January, 2011

ape tajok die ?

I love you. since I first met you, my heart has been linked with the elegance and grace that you have. You as a bride to be granted to me by God. I love you so far away. I also know that we are destined to be together just as it is written everywhere.
You like a ray of light, illuminating the darkness of my life.

well3 . This verse simply expressed by the lover.and for what
I'm typing this sentence?just for a happy heart that is never happy.
But love can also be killed.kill the feeling of love that gives hope to someone.
p/s: perkara di atas tidak ada kene mengena langsung dengan saya , sekian , harap maklum .  =D

20 February, 2010


 It's so hard to tell,
that I'm lonely,
nobody cares,
and know what I'm doing...

I tried to get myself
out of a shell,
but i see nobody...

I'm moving around,
and get self-inflicted,
no lie, no shame,
but I've got to move on
oo yeeaayyhh..
there is nothing but I'm lonely...

I've seen a light,
that can bright up my life,
I know I had a chance,
to make it right

I tried to get myself,
out of a shell,
God,please help me...

I'm moving around,
and get self-inflicted.
oh, no lie no shame
but I've got to move on
oo yeeaayyhh...
there is nothing but I'm lonely...

I know that I'm not a better girl,
but,I wish
I could have 1 more chance
to change everything
in my life...

I'm moving around
and get self-inflicted
no lie, no shame
but I've got to move on

I'm moving around
and get self-inflicted
no lie (no lie),no shame (no shame),
but I've got to move on...
there is nothing but I'm lonely..
I'm lonely...

lyrics created by myself..
just for fun,